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Enterprise Business Services

If you are a small or medium-sized business, but need enterprise class web services to get the job done, RealCove is the service for you.

The concept is simple.  Just like a smart phone, where you can add apps that fit your personal needs and lets the phone function the way you need it to function, the RealCove Platform which acts as both a Content Management System (CMS) or Digital Publishing Platform, and an app development eco-system allows you to do just that.

Simply put, we have a powerful, yet easy-to-use system that lets you focus your resources on your business while we do the heavy-lifting on everything but your wallet.

Our customers typically fit into three scenarios:

  • A business who has hired an outside developer but now finds it difficult or expensive to make further changes.
  • A business who has hired a developer to build services on a content management system, but found it too difficult to manage and change.
  • A business who has tried to use the easy-to-use drag and drop web brochure systems, but found they don't address their business needs.

Custom Design and Development


Our platform makes it easy to develop out the basics that you've come to expect on the web, but also has the flexibility to allow for complete customization to fit both your branding and your business needs.  Whether it is industry data integration, or specific functionality that is going to make your business hum, leave the heavy lifting to us.

< Find out how an easy-to-use platform that is packed with power can make you a hero in your businesses.