Commercial Real Estate

 It is more important than ever to get complete and accurate information to clients in a timely manner.  RealCove facilitates this by giving your direct access to your site and the ability to update information on the fly.  No more waiting for IT to update your site information, and it is easy enough that little to no technical skill is needed.

Commercial real estate requires that you get comprehensive information to your potential tenants quickly.  With RealCove websites you can build sites specific to the projects you represent.  You can include all pertinent information including:

  • Aerial & Plat Maps
  • Current Tenants
  • Available Space
  • Lease Rates
  • Demographics
  • Traffic Reports
  • Web Cams
  • Photography and Video Tours
  • CC&Rs
  • All relevant news and information

Your site becomes all the information you might share about the projects and properties you represent, and the as soon as a space becomes available, you can update the information instantly.

Best of all, your websites allow you to capture leads, and get people the information they need directly.  When someone requests more information from your site, you can set it up to be notified by email, or text message on your mobile phone.