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Whether you are an individual or a small business just getting its start, our consumer web services are an affordable and easy way to get a powerful web presence in a way you can imagine.  We have a number of services that are designed to fit your needs, or contact us today for a free no-obligation consultation.


Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Web Sites

Let's hope this turns out better than that spice rack you made...

RealCove's DIY website builder allows the the ability to create your site with little technical skills.  The principles are pretty simple, first pick a template, then start to build out your navigation by adding a few pages and sub pages.  After you've created some pages you can start to add apps for content on the pages. 

We have text and image editor apps, video and picture slide show, form builders, e-commerce functionality, social network tools, blogs and more standard.  Everything you need to create a full and robust website is at your fingertips, well except the ability to hold chili powder.

Best of all, our website builder helps you create a professional site and, ahem, keep you from making some design mistakes like adding pink Comic Sans fonts.  There are no limit to the pages you can create, and you even have the ability to upload your own CSS templates.

Do-It-Yourself services start at $30/mo or $300 year.

Check out our demos to see how easy it is to build out, or try it out now, you get 30 days free.


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Small Business Options

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Perhaps your needs are more complex, or maybe you want a site you can self-manage once it is up and going. 

If so you check our our site devoted to business at

We find that the core of our consumer customers, particularly small businesses fall into six categories:

1. The new business owner who needs to get up and out there quick and cheap

These are professionals who are looking for an affordable system that allows them to move at the speed of their business growth, but also view their website as a front-facing reflection of themselves.  This means they demand a professional look and online services that are going to help their business grow.

2. The business owner who hired a developer to build a completely custom site and then got 'nickel-and-dimed' to death for simple updates until eventually their developer disappeared

These are professionals who hired someone to build out a completely custom site from scratch.  Typically they didn't get what they needed, and any time they wanted to make even a minor change it cost them $200 and took their developer weeks to do.  Often they have a hard time getting hold of their developer, or later found out they've moved on to another business venture.

3. The business owner who got convinced by their developer to build their site on a blogging platform so they could make simple updates but found that it wasn't easy or intuitive to do

These are business owners who don't have the time to figure out a system that was originally built for blogging and has been modified to support business sites.  They don't have the time or interest in figuring out the system, or how to add plug-ins and other things necessary to keep their site going.  They also find that the site is restrictive and difficult to add more pages and content to the site.  Often they end up hiring the developer to make the changes and charges they were trying to avoid in #2.

4. The business owner who paid too much for a site that never met their needs

These are professionals who built out a site that never met their needs for a variety of reasons and they are unable to change it without another significant investment.

5. The business owner who tried to use the often free and easy-to-use online website building services that basically just turn out a poor web brochure

These are professionals who tried to use a variety of web-based 'easy-to-use' web site builders.  They found that they were easy enough, but they had to upgrade to get to the actual tools for the service, or got bombarded by follow up sales calls trying to get them to upgrade.  Worst of all, the site didn't perform the functions they needed, and they were trying to fit their business into the website builder, versus their platform fitting their business needs.

6. The business owner who demands a professional and powerful website that allows you to compete with larger companies.

These are business owners with limited IT resources, but understand the need to grow, evolve and provide online services that fit their business needs.  They want a site that is custom to them, but allows them to have full control of the site and its content.


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Do It Yourself Services start at $30/mo or $300/year and you have access to our full library of apps, templates and customer support, along with a free 30 day trial.

From there we have a variety of services outlined below.  Or contact us for a no-obligation consultation on what service would be right for you.