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By RealCove
Mar 06, 2013

As always,  you can contact us through, shoot us an email directly at, or even call us during business hours at 1-877-977-5550 for your support needs.  However, sometimes you want to be amazing all on your own, and we understand and encourage that.

That is why we created a fun and insightful support blog, located at where we will add common questions, tips, tricks and even the occasional snarky remark.

Here is how it works.  When we get a support request that is applicable to our general clientele, we'll post about it.  Or if we are sleepless at night and think of something cool people would like to know how to do, we'll add that.  Our system is easy to use, but we also have a lot of lesser known aspects hidden in our system that are always useful to know.  We'll add these as we think about them as well.

We also are putting together a library of videos so you can watch them when the video you are watching at home,  'Gone in 60 Seconds' takes a turn for the worse, which you totally know it will do.

In the meantime, if you have a question, or even a suggestion about something you'd like to know how to do for the blog, feel free to add a comment, or shoot us an email at and we'll add it to the blog (and respond to you directly too).

More fun to come...

By RealCove
Feb 15, 2013

If we've had one shortcoming as a company, it is that of keeping our users up to speed with all that is happening.  That is why we plan to begin regularly posting about and providing videos about new services, tricks and tips on how to best use our system.

As mentioned, we recently launched a new Microblast system.  This is a unique product that allows you to send customized outbound messages to your customers in a personalized way.  You can also track who is reading your communications, and if you are a realtor, import information about listings directly from the MLS.

We also thought it was worthwhile to talk about exactly what we do, for those of you who may be using us for one thing, but unaware of the various services we provide.

Check out this latest video, starring Jordan Hayward, one of our founders and the lead in all of our tech development.

Microsites and Microblast

By RealCove
Feb 06, 2013

RealCove is pleased to announce the release of its microsites and microblast real estate web service after extensive testing.

Microsites are a powerful way to distribute your listings among your personal and professional real estate networks.  Sites customized and personalized to specific properties give Realtors and other agents an effective way to share information to qualified buyers.

"It also serves as a great listing presentation tool when you can demonstrate to your seller that you are going to create a fully customized site that is easily distributed, specific to their property." Said Brian Verhaaren, CEO of RealCove.

"We have seen substantive examples of this tool actually finding qualified buyers and generating demand for properties," Verhaaren continued, "This system works because it uses one of the most compelling services a Realtor can provide, their network of other Realtors who already have qualified buyers on the line."

Microblast is an outbound communication tool that allows agents to easily select appropriate recipients, send out information and track its effectiveness, read-rates and more in a personalized way.

For more information about these products, please contact a RealCove sales rep today.


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