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Designing CSS for IE & mobile devices

By RealCove
Feb 27, 2013

Ever built a site that looked and worked amazingly in Chrome and Firefox only to open it in IE or a mobile device and see the whole thing blow up.

We feel your frustration, that is why we enhanced the HTML to show specific information about your browser environment to help you elegantly deal with fallout from the browser war.

If you look at your site source code you'll see that we've embedded very descriptive classes into the HTML tag.  You'll see classes like; ie9 and w-1900 just to name a few.  Each of these classes represent detail about your browser, it's dimensions, what it supports etc.  This allows you to design your CSS with browser and device specific definitions that is clean and won't conflict with different browser types.

For example, if you wanted to set a different body width for IE users simply create a css definition like so: body {



We hope you find this feature as helpful as we have.  Consider it a nice little bonus because it's been so nice working with you.

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