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How to post to your blog from your phone

By RealCove
Mar 12, 2013

20130312-142545.jpg So check this out. I am publishing a photo and presumably could do video I just took from my phone to my integrated Wordpress blog.

Wordpress has made a pretty slick app for the iPhone and presumably for the android phones.

Download the app and set it up for a hosted Wordpress site. Make sure you put in the correct URL, which for you would be . You can find the name to your hidden blog by clicking the Visit Site link on the dropdown under your blog name on the top right. Then enter your username and password and voila.

Once the app is on your phone you can create new posts, upload silly videos and do other important bloggy type stuff.

My thumbs are tired from typing on my phone, so you are going to have to work the rest out while I claim workers comp for nerve damage.

Also all spelling and grammatical errors and typos are purely the fault of my phone and the cursed autocorrect.

It would appear that there is some formatting wonkiness that Wordpress still needs to work out, but a nice feature in a pinch.

Yeah, my thumbs really hurt now.


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