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More SEO Tidbits

By RealCove
Apr 01, 2013

People like to think about getting organic search results because they are free.  The truth of the matter is they aren't free, you are spending time and resources getting your site where it needs to be.  Even more frustrating at times can be what seems to be an ever shifting landscape when it comes to getting found.

As mentioned, we built RealCove from the ground up with search engines in mind.  What this means is we try to build in some basic tools to make it as easy as possible for search engines to find, decipher and value the content on your site.  That works pretty well.  However, all along we've encouraged people to try to make their site the best it can be by providing the best content, originated from the site as frequently as possible.  People who do this typically see a lot of success.  Fortunately, this advice has held true to the changes to various search algorithms, and now with Google and Bing putting a premium on this original, relevant, fresh content, and less so on linkbacks, it is important to understand the new rules of the game.

Forbes published an article recently that outlines the basics pretty well.  I'd advise reading it:  With SEO Linking Strategies, Gaming the System is So Last Decade. 3/29/2013.

Some interesting points of note that every business person should know:

1. Sites that link to your site that don't have any relevance to your content can detract from your SEO efforts

2. Avoid keyword stuffing, meaning putting to many of your target keywords in your content.  Instead write naturally, keep the end user in mind.

3. Search engines still like regularly updated content.

4. Links from relevant sites to your content is ideal.  If you are a Realtor, have other real estate networks link to you, if you are a CPA, the same.  If you are a digital publishing platform developer... well nobody likes you.

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