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Want to open something on your site but not have your visitor leave?

By RealCove
Mar 01, 2013

Sometimes you want to link to something to your site, but you don't want people to leave your site and you have a few options in the RealCove website builder.  One is to use the 'Frame around another site' app, which adds an iframe window to your site.  However, this is often not optimal for a variety of usability and formatting issues.

That is why we have given you a option that goes under a number of different names in 'tha biz.'  Modal windows, lightbox windows, colorbox windows.  Here at RealCove we call them colorbox windows.  What this does is open a little embedded popup window over the top of your site, but keeps them within your site, like so:

The way to do this is to add a link in the 'Text and Image Editor' app, by highlighting the text you want to link and clicking the ever-intuitive 'link' app.  Add the link of the site you want to go to and then click on the 'advanced' tab and add 'iframe_window' (with no quotation marks) in the 'Stylesheet Classes' field, like so.

Click 'OK' and 'Save' and it will now pop a window that is 95% the height and width of your screen.  Pretty handy, eh?

Now, you may want to specify the width and height of the window and this can be done too.  However, it does get a little tricky, so make sure you are comfortable doing this first.

How you do this, is open the text and image editor app, click on the 'Source' button in the top left which will show you the HTML code of that particular app.  Read through the gibberish until you find your link, and then add within the <a href= tag, cb_width="yourwidthhere" and cb_height="yourheighthere" with you putting in the dimensions in percentages (%) or pixels  (px) or whatever web measurement you want to use.  Here is an example of what it would look like:

I've highlighted the code, but you'll notice your iframe_window class is also in there.  So in this example, the code would look like this:

<a href="" class="iframe_window" cb_width="500px" cb_height="400px"> Your link name here </a>

Hope that sufficiently scares you off.  If you need help with this feel free to contact our support and they can do it for you, or walk you through it.

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