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Below is our support blog where we talk about common questions that we get asked and where we talk about new functionality as it becomes available.




Support Blog!

Photo editing and making your site better!

By RealCove
Mar 01, 2013

One of the biggest questions that our clients have after their site is live is "Whats the best way from me to edit my photos to add into the site?" They know that making sure they are "web ready" images is very important, but they aren't sure how to do the editing, or what program to use. Now, we've all heard of programs like Photoshop that can do that for you, but who has hundreds of dollars to spend on a program, or hours to spend learning how to use the program?! So, we've found this awesome website that does almost everything Photoshop can, and get this... FOR FREE!!!!  The site is  and it does almost everything Photoshop can! The cropping tool is great, because you can set the exact dimensions you need for your site images. Then, when you save the image, they will automatically save to 72 resolution (which is what you need for the site).

We hope this little tip will help, but like always, if you have any questions about this just let us know!

Adding Google Analytics to Your Website

By RealCove
Mar 01, 2013

Below is a quick video tutorials of how to add Google Analytics to your Realcove website. Its super easy to do and will become a great asset to building and growing your site and your business!

Click here to watch the Video

How to add a YouTube video to your blog

By RealCove
Mar 01, 2013

We've been asked in the past what is the best way to add in a video to your blog, and also adding it in correctly so that it pulls into your site correcty too. Well, its super easy to do and below are the instructions....

1. All you have to do (rather than using the red play button up above) is just click at the bottom of the text of your post (or wherever you would like the video to go)

2. Then just put in the "code/link" like this -   [youtube=http://www...........yourlinkhere]

3. Then when you have new links to put in just replace the http stuff.

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