We recommend the best way to learn is to just get in and start playing with the system. 

The whole grain tutorials

This is some useful stuff... we're not kidding

1.Tutorial #1 - Adding Pages To Your Site

The best thing to get you started is to learn how to create new pages on your site. First log in to your site, click on the 'launch website builder' button and start adding navigation pages by clicking on 'add navigation'. Yes it is as simple as that, but better yet, launch this video tutorial.


Tutorial #2 - Adding Content To Your Site

Don't just be another pretty site, content is KING. This video tutorial will show you had to add and arrange different apps to your pages that will create your content. Do you like clicking your mouse? So do we. It is about as easy as that. launch this video tutorial.

3.Tutorial #3 - Getting Started - RealCove Administrative Backend

"So #3 is titled 'Getting Started' huh?" you say. Since this is the most boring tutorial, plus from our concern with having people finding us by searching for 'backend' we've put this here. Actually, most of what this covers involves settings you probably chose as you signed up, and now may want to revisit. This tutorial is actually important because it shows you how to change titles, meta descriptions and tags, site templates and more. Plus the surprise ending!  Launch this video tutorial. Now.