Why Use RealCove Web Services

 An Easier and Better Way To Do Online Real Estate Services

With the vast majority of people doing their real estate search online, it is more important than ever to focus your efforts there.  RealCove web services allow brokerages and agents to easily build web sites integrated into their MLS at a fraction of the cost.  At only $30/mo or $300/year* you get a fully functional, customizable site, that you control with little to no technical skills.

RealCove also offers the exciting property specific microsites (see a sample microsite in action here) that allow you to distribute and share information about your listings like you never have before.  Best of all, if you buy an agent website, you get microsites for only $9/month or $90/year*  Imagine going on a listing presentation, where your competition has told them they are going to market their property in the local 'thrifty nickel newspaper' and you tell them you are going to build an entire website specific to their property and distribute to qualified buyers across the nation.

Here are just ten reasons to use RealCove web services:

  1. Have a professional web site that integrates with the MLS for only $30/month
  2. Have a full property search all in the context of your web site, and all leads go to you
  3. Enjoy the dynamic map searching capabilities
  4. Control the content of your site and build it around the way you do business
  5. Reach buyers and convert them into clients in how they are searching for property
  6. Use property specific web sites to win listings and to sell properties
  7. Get notified of leads instantly through our revolutionary SMS lead notification system
  8. Easily include news and information from other sources through RSS and Twitter feeds
  9. Incorporate unlimited numbers of photos and virtual tours
  10. Include video and other rich media


Visit here for a full list of features on our site, or for more insight on how it works click here.

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